Westman Launches Reelection Campaign

“Two years ago, Lamoille County’s voters sent me to represent them in the
Vermont State Senate. Now, I am asking them to send me back. Two years ago, my
campaign material described me as “Lamoille’s Proven Leader.” Now, after two years of
hard work, I hope my record proves I get good things done for Lamoille County.

One of our local newspapers wrote earlier this year, ‘Westman was in the
thick of many key issues, particularly through his work on the Senate Finance and
Transportation committees.’

My colleagues had the confidence to put me on those two powerful committees,
and I didn’t waste that opportunity. Here are some of the good things I was able to do:

• Worked hard to make sure small hospitals like Copley and medical
providers in rural areas aren’t forgotten in health care debate;

• With ‘cloud computing’ becoming a creative and growing business here in
Lamoille County and Vermont, I played a central role in preventing a ‘cloud
computing’ tax from damaging those businesses and jobs; and

• While some say an army travels on its stomach, the people of Lamoille
County travel on our roads. I helped the Morrisville truck route to stay on
track and to make sure that Routes 12, 15, 100, 104, 108 and 109 are all
getting some important work done.

Now, it is time to look forward.

In the 29 years I have served part of or all Lamoille County in the Legislature, I
have learned you can see some things coming, and some things you can’t.

For instance, in the next two years the Legislature will again be dealing with
education funding and school quality. Once more, it will have to grapple with our
economy, including business taxation and our county’s infrastructure needs.

Surprises, though, can always happen. No one foresaw a Tropical Storm Irene
wreaking havoc with our state. I hope those kinds of surprises won’t happen any time
soon. Yet, the State, Lamoille County and Vermonters everywhere have to be ready and
alert for whatever comes our way.

I have shown I can deal creatively and cooperatively with the old, with the new
and with unwelcome surprises. I have learned you can best get things done by listening
to people, by working across party lines and by being willing to work hard.

That is the kind of Senator I have been for my first two years; that is the kind of
Senator I will continue to be for the next two years if my friends and neighbors send me

Westman Campaign Updates

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    Posted Oct 12, 2012, 2:54 PM by Westman Senate
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